Saturday, 2 July 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I had really intended to make new designs to add to my shops but it didn't quite work out.  I have been busy making things though, just none of them are for sale.

First I realized I'm going to a wedding on 9th July.  I didn't have time to go dress shopping so I decided to wear a dress I wore to another wedding a while back  Totally different set of guests so who'll notice?  As you can see it's a bit RED!

I still have to try the shoes on to make sure they still fit since I broke my foot. Better get a move on with that. I realized that I broke the necklace I was wearing with it that day, which is a shame as I really liked it.  My mum bought it for me a few years ago.  My first job was to make jewellery to match the frock so here it is - a necklace, bracelet and earrings made using the new Chinese crystals I bought:

Next it was my friend Mo's birthday.  She likes green and it just so happens I have a whole lot of green sparkly things.  I also have some pretty gold coloured chain so I thought I'd break from my usual tradition and use gold chain instead of silver.  This is the finished article, made with more Chinese crystals mixed in with Czech rondelles.  I actually like it better than the one I just made for myself.

What next?  Oh yes, it was my daughter's birthday as well (missbaah). Now very often she's pink and frilly (with Doc Martens of course) but she's equally likely to be spotty, stripey and multi-coloured.  Her wedding dress was black and white and I noticed she had another black and white outfit so I thought I'd be less predictable than usual and go for monochrome, which is apparently "in" at the moment.

Her husband hates dangly earrings so I suspect these ones won't too popular with him but I'm certain it won't stop her from wearing them.

After all that I started thinking about the wedding again.  Now I'm not the kind of girl who tends to wear hats or hair decorations but weddings are a bit special so I decided to make something to tart my hair up a little.  This morning I finally got round to making myself a sparkly hair band.  I decided to keep it simple and used more of my new Chinese crystals.  Here it is:

That's me all set to go now.  Birthdays done & dusted.  Maybe now I can actually make some jewellery to sell.   Or..... maybe I should make something as a competition prize for WowThankYou?  I'm off to see if I can find some inspiration.