Thursday, 28 January 2010


... how does that work?  Yesterday morning I heard a thud behind the door and got all excited because it meant that the new Indian glass beads that I'd ordered had arrived.  I could hardly contain myself at my real job for the rest of the day.  Of course I had to take them to my office so that I could open them up and look at them and touch them while I worked.

Finally, it was finishing time so I made dinner for me and my husband, ate dinner, tidied up and eventually got to sit down with my new shiny things to set about making something with them.  I did the usual, sat and looked at them, put them alongside other beads and bits and bobs to see what complemented them.  Then I had a browse through a couple of books to see if there were any techniques that would suit them better than others.  I settled on a particular technique and gathered all the other bits and pieces together.  That's when I realised my pretty new beads were way too big for what I had in mind.

After a trawl through my other beads, I finally used tiny pink seed and bugle beads teamed up with a few 6mm pink Swarovski crystals.  Still pretty but not what I set out to make.  Here's the end result and tonight I will make earrings to match it.

So, to get back to my original question.  Creativity - how does that work?

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