Friday, 5 February 2010

Creativity part 2

OK, so my first attempt at being creative with my lovely Indian glass beads didn't go to plan. I got a new mixed box of little seed beads, bugle beads and acrylic beads in various colours and thought I'd try again.  In the end I figured blue held the most possibilities so I tipped all my blue beads out on to my tray to see what went best together.  The project that resulted from this ended up being a lot more fiddly than I had anticipated and was a challenge to my less than perfect eyesight. How are you meant to thread a seed bead when it's so small you can't actually see the hole?  It didn't help that I found out when it was too late that I had non-standard shaped callottes (no I don't mean the fashion clothing item that was popular many moons ago when I was just a slip of a thing) but that was fixed with some glue.  I probably didn't need the glue but you can't be too careful.   I overcame all the challenges in the end and am now quite pleased with my latest creation.  It is well balanced with regards to colours, bead shapes and textures and weight.  It's just heavy enough so you know it's there but no so heavy that it will cause neck strain. :o)


  1. Thank you Lisa. I'll try and make it entertaining but I'm not sure I'm very good at that. Time will tell.