Friday, 12 February 2010

The mysterious case of the exploding Maggie

I think I'm falling to bits as I get older.  There's the eyesight that was once condemned by an optician "your close up focusing is rather disappointing". Tell me about it! That was before I was even officially old.  Then there's the creaky, grinding neck.  According to the doc that's just wear and tear and it's unfortunate that I succumbed to it at the 'young' end of the normal age range.  Of course, landing on my head while skiing this time last year didn't do anything to improve that condition.  At least the boys made sure I was OK before they laughed.  And, I seem to be developing odd allergies.

Most ailments I guess you just get used to.  You know they're age related and they won't get any better so you just work around them and ignore them the best you can.  Sometimes you can even forget you have them for a while.  My latest ailment was proving difficult to ignore though.  I thought I had caught some kind of cold because I suddenly started sneezing a lot but it doesn't affect me all day or all the time.  It's only first thing in the morning, or in the middle of the night if I wake up.  And then it just doesn't stop.  I'd wake my husband up with the sneezing - he said I sounded like I was exploding!  It carried on for a few weeks and I got through boxes & boxes of tissues and I eventually decided it couldn't be a cold.  So, as an experiment, I took the anti-histamines that I normally only take during the warmer months to counteract my hayfever (which I never suffered from when I was younger) and Hallelujah! No more early morning explosions.  I don't understand what would suddenly cause me to build up allergies overnight.  I mean, it's February. There can't be any plants growing anywhere to make the hay fever flare up.  So, it's still a mystery but at least Maggie isn't exploding on a regular basis any more.

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