Monday, 22 February 2010

New beginnings - part 3

Well it's only 2 days until my first wedding anniversary and we will both be taking 2 days off work to celebrate.  Since I met my husband I have started doing so many things that I had either never done before or had a go at and never carried on.  Things like:
  • waterskiing (I always hated anything that involved water)
  • snow skiing (why pay to go and freeze your ass off when you can do it at home for free?)
  • cycling (I even did the 2009 Pedal for Scotland event and cycled 51 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh)
  • travelling (this I did do a little before when I could afford it)
  • breaking bones (3 metatarsal fractures as a result of my first and only attempt to do mountain biking)
  • making jewellery (saving costs for the wedding started it off but I really enjoy it)
  • becoming a mother-in-law (now that was a big surprise)
  • blogging ( I guess I have to keep up with the times)

Photos (left to right ): Me waterskiing on Lake Geneva, Me & The Boy kitted up for skiing in -30 degrees in Finnish Lapland, Me & The Boy swimming in Lac Montriand in the French Alps.

Since I first met him 6 years ago my husband has always been there to give me the support and encouragement I needed to try out new things.  I only cast up my broken foot to him occasionally.  That was the result of me believing him when he told me I could handle mountain biking.  Anyway, I survived and was able to take part in the Pedal for Scotland event a year later than planned.

Photos (Left to right) Me modelling my newly acquired 'moon boot' after breaking my foot in July 2008 and Me taking part in the 2009 Pedal for Scotland event.

I'm looking forward to trying even more new things as our life together progresses and no doubt I will share with you on here.

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