Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Aren't dumplings supposed to be round?

So yesterday I found a recipe for beef stew with parsley dumplings.  It sounded like something I could start before I went to the gym and finish off later.  I've never made dumplings before although I've eaten them loads of times.  The recipe wasn't too complicated although I'd to divide all the quantities by 4.  I think the original recipe was supposed to feed an army! Apologies for the terrible quality of the photos as I took them with my phone.  Part 1, making the actual stew was easy enough although I had to substitute squash for the carrots demanded by the recipe so that The Boy would eat it.  I was supposed to simmer it on the stove for 90 minutes but as I had to get to the gym while that was happening I had to stick it in the oven for a bit or I'd have come home to a burnt, dried out offering.  Mixing up the 'dough' for the doughballs was pretty straight forward as well.  I was very careful to follow the instructions to the letter, especially the bit about keeping the lid tightly on the pot for at least the furst 12 minutes after adding the doughballs so that mine would turn out light and fluffly instead of heavy and stodgy.  Now my limited  experience of doughballs so far has been that they are round (as the name doughBALLs suggests).  Mine were certainly light and fluffy but they sort of spread in a layer over the top of the stew instead of forming into neat little balls.  They did taste awesome though so I won't complain.  I still like to know how to make my doughballs the right shape though,

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  1. Aha! I solved it. I made this dish again and put more flour in the doughballs. This time they turned out round(-ish). Result! So people, if you end up with flat doughballs your batter is too runny. Add more flour next time (or less liquid).