Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Time. Why is it never on my side?

OK, so I had a bad day yesterday.  It should have been a good day as it was a holiday from my real job (the one that pays the mortgage) and I had all sorts of plans for being productive in a Scottish Princess, jewellery making kind of way.  So where did it all go wrong?

I got up at the roughly the same time as I do on a normal work day and did the usual start of day things - I sat at my PC and caught up with Etsy and CraftCult and Craftopolis and my lastest BnR treasury while I had a coffee, had breakfast, had another coffee (the day doesn't get off to a good start with fewer than 2 cups).  So far so good.

Next I ran my bath.  I didn't do anything time consuming in there, like wash my hair or defuzz or anything so no delays there.  Then I went to the kitchen and started tidying up after cooking the previous night's meal, emptying, filling the dishwasher & washing machine and the clothes airer.  Admittedly that probably took up way too much of my time on a day off but I couldn't stand the mess.

Next I thought I'd tidy up a loose end, ie, finish sorting out cousin G's laptop.  Bless her little heart, she's not technical and her laptop was being very naughty, telling her she had a virus and just refusing to let her do anything at all.  So I switched it on, saw the symptoms, Googled them and set about curing them.  I used to be technical but I'm a tad out of date with these new fangled versions of Windows (yes, XP is new fangled to me from a technical perspective). To save forking out for software to remove the nasty things that were on her laptop I set about deleting them all manually.  Fortunately for me, The Boy (my darling husband, who is technical) popped in to pick something up just as I got to the bit where I'd to edit the registry.  I've never edited a registry before and had no idea where to even find it, but he pointed me in the right direction.

Then he reminded me that one of my top priorities for the day was to find us a holiday that we could book.  He set that priority, not me!  So I continued to sort out cousin G's laptop in between going back and forth to my own computer to search for holidays. Probably not the best idea.  Anyway, in the end, I managed to restore the laptop to something close to it's previous, healthy, functioning state and called G.  She came round to pick it up, bearing gifts of wine and we sat and had a good old chin wag for a couple of hours.  That part of the day was enjoyable.  It's not often we get to catch up.

When cousin G left I then set about researching holidays again and got more and more stressed as the afternoon went by.  The next thing I knew, The Boy was home from work and my day off was officially over.  This led to me feeling irrationally emotional over having had a wasted day off (with a couple of exceptions).  He disappeared off to the gym while I started cooking dinner.  Before I knew it, it was bed time and I hadn't even looked at my jewellery, never mind made anything new.  Fortunately I still have one day's holiday to take but I have a whole week to wait for it.  Will I be unreasonable if I end up being as unproductive as this week and I get upset about it?

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