Sunday, 23 May 2010

Summer is here!

Summer seems to have arrived at last.   That hasn't been too good for my jewellery making so far because the garden has been a bit neglected and I've been taking advantage of the decent weather to get it back into shape.  I've spent  three days in the garden over the last week doing a bit of weeding and tidying up so I now have sore hands with grimy finger nails (yuck) and a full garden recycling bin. On the other hand I have a garden that's a pleasure to sit in now.  The Boy got the lawnmower out yesterday as well so the grass is neat, if a tad dry looking.  How it looks dry with all the rain we get here is a mystery to me.  Look:

To celebrate (and also because I'd forgotten to take anything out of the freezer for dinner) we had a barbecue yesterday afternoon.  It's not a big garden but it's private and now that the trees in the church yard next door have been cut back it's also a little sun trap.

I planted out some herbs and put some seeds in pots so hopefully we'll be able use our own home grown herbs soon.

Right, it's time I was out there taking advantage of the sun.  The Boy is away to Glentress to throw himself and his bike down a mountain.  I prefer the more sedate, less dangerous environment of the cycle path.  The biggest danger there is families with dogs and small children who wander all over the path.  A couple of weeks ago some idiotic dog owners left their small highland terrier off it's leash and failed to control it as I passed by so that it chased me, barking it silly little head off, until I managed to outrun it and leave it behind.  I think they got a bigger fright than I did.

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