Sunday, 2 May 2010

Thread, wire and frustration

So I was browsing the web and came across a pattern for making a bracelet with fimo roses:

It just so happens I have some sweet little pink clay roses that I've been dying to use so I thought I'd try it out.  Unfortunately, it's not clear from the instructions what type off stringing material is supposed to be used so I used my initiative and used Flexrite 21 strand stainless steel wire.  I also used glass beads instead of Swarovski crystals, which might have been my mistake. The holes in the beads were anything but consistent in diameter.  To make the bracelet you have to thread all the outer loops first, which went swimmingly.  To add the fimo roses you have to thread back through the loops and that's where it all went horrily wrong. :o(

The fact that, even wearing my glasses and with all the lights on, I couldn't see the holes in the pink beads properly only added to my difficulties.  I had real problems threading the wire back through the beads so I fished out my big eyed beading needle (a total godsend) and used that.  Unfortunately, due to the inconsistent holes in the beads it kept getting stuck.  I had to resort to using pliers to try and pull it through some of the beads to the point where I broke one of the pink beads and mangled my big eyed needle.  I also stabbed my finger and drew blood.  To add insult to injury, the finished product, while it actually looked fine, apart from one missing pink bead, was way too big for my wrist:

So, the following night I decided that I'd dismantle it and try again using Nymo thread.  I also started with 2 x 3 foot lengths instead of 1 x 6 foot length so that I could thread the roses as I went along.  That was a whole lot more successful.  I had 4 threads each attached to a needle.  I decided to make it with 4 loops instead of 5 so that it would be a neater fit.  I had no stuck needle, broken beads, punctured skin traumas to deal with either, so a less frustrating beading experience altogether.  I did end up with a knot in the thread about an inch away from where I had intended to tie it, but, hey, that's minor:

Guess what?  It's still too big! Because the thread is softer, the loops don't stay loopy, LOL.  So the end result is a longer bracelet.

The shape was better using the wire.  The loops were much better defined.  If I ever try this type of breacelet again I will use 2 lengths of fine beading wire and thread the loops and the roses at the same time.  I don't intend to have a third attempt at this one.

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