Thursday, 19 August 2010

New toys and they're not for the boys

Yesterday the postman brought me a parcel and it had toys in it. :D  There have been so many techniques I'd like to try but I didn't have the right tools.  So... I now have new toys:

In case, like my daughter, you don't recognise them immediately, on the left is a tiny anvil that I can use for hardening wire creations.  On the right is a Thing-a-ma-jig which I will use to make interesting components from wire.  I also bought some aluminium wire in different colours to try it out:

 I also have a pile of Fimo clay in an assortment of colours that I'm desperate to get my hands on and make things with.

I can feel the creativity inside me just BURSTING to get out! LOL  I like to be a hands-on, techie kind of girl so this appeals to my techie side. I have bandages and sticking plasters at the ready in case any bits of me somehow manage to get in between the hammer and the anvil, cos it's a dead cert.

1 comment:

  1. it's always nice to get new toys :-) Look forward to seeing what you make with them. Look out for those fingers! x