Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Something for the boys

For a few months now The Boy has been suggesting rather heavily (I hesitate to say nagging) that I should make him something.  He's not big into jewellery so we agreed I'd make him a pair of cuff links.  I've spent many an hour on the web looking for suitable components:

Metal toggles / bars / treasury tags
Buttons or charms to use as the focal point

I had actually bought a pack of silver plated toggle clasps so that I could steal the toggle part to make the cuff links with as I had been unable to find the toggle bars for sale on their own.  Then The Boy says "we're going to a charity ceilidh with the scuba club so why don't you make me cuff links with scuba divers on them?"  I explained my difficulties in finding single toggle bars to use as a backing for the cufflinks.

"Google it." he says.

"I did." I say.

"But did you Google 'cuff link bars'?" he says.

"No" I say "because that's not what they're normally called."

"Try it." he says.

So I did ..... and what did I find?  Bona fide sterling silver cufflink bars.  Trust The Boy to be right!  He also found some sterling silver scuba diver charms on eBay that were of a suitable quality to meet his exacting standards.  So I ordered everything and last night I sat and made my first pair of cuff links.  Cute are they not?  They should be! The parts cost a small fortune.  He had better wear them more than once!

So do I now have a future making cuff links?  That really depends on how much I can buy decent components for.  If they are all as expensive as the parts for the scuba diver ones no-one would ever want to buy them.  So ... the search continues.  Wish me luck.

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