Sunday, 5 December 2010

It's been an intense week

So last weekend the blizzard hit and we all thought that was bad enough.  But it didn't stop snowing did it?  It just kept on going like there was no tomorrow.

On Monday we had this much snow:

A few inches, it made my little garden lights look like cute little Mr Whippy ice cream cones with their pointy snow hats.  Then on Tuesday we woke up to more snow.  It had an interesting effect on next door's fence.  Turned it into a chilly work of art:

The garden furniture was under a few more inches of snow and my garden lights have disappeared altogether:

Did it stop there? No.  I won't bore you with the photos in between but by Thursday we were dealing with this:

This would have been all well and good, except I have been selling some of my cherished books on eBay and, typically, over the weekend quite a lot of them were sold.  Being a very conscientious seller I felt compelled to do my utmost to get them all down to the Post Office as soon as the buyers paid for them.  Under normal circumstances the Post Office is a pleasant walk of 200 or 300 metres down a set of steps, through a car park and along part of the pedestrian precinct.  This is the view of the steps on my return from the Post Office:

The weight of the snow had made some of the bushes fall over the steps so I almost had to get down on hands and knees to pass under them.  Why oh why did the council plant shrubs with evil thorns on them at either side of the steps?  They are just not funny when you're trying to get up and down, concetrating on not landing on your behind and they're tearing at you, trying to draw blood or poke your eye out.  Dear council, please rethink your shrubbery strategy in future.  My skiing clothes have been well used this week.

On the plus side, I did get more exercise than usual trying to walk through thigh deep snow to get anywhere. The Boy and I also walked the mile to Tesco when we failed to dig the car out.  I will never forgive Tesco for closing their branch in the centre of town and moving it a mile away.  I will be switching to Morrisons for my shopping when their new store opens in the centre of town.  Spending a couple of hours a day clearing snow was also a fairly good workout.

I also managed to be more productive than I've been for a while.  Look at all the new things I've managed to make:
For sale on

For sale on

For sale on

For sale on

Made for my mum to match a necklace:

Made as a gift: 

It hasn't snowed in a couple of days but it's turned very cold so I'll be staying at home unless I have to trek to the Post Office with more sales.

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