Wednesday, 29 December 2010

..waiting patiently...

... or not as the case may be.  My mobile phone contract was up for renewal so I phoned my provider a couple of weeks ago to see what was on offer.  I thought I'd go for an iPhone as I'm fed up with The Boy showing me all his fancy (and often useless) iPhone apps.  Turns out I could get either the iPhone 3GS or the iPhone 4 handset for free but with an increase in line rental.  In the end I went for the iPhone 3 as it cost £10 more a month rather than the 4 at £20 more a month!  Admittedly the rental includes a silly amount of inclusive texts and minutes but I never use my current measly allowance so do I really need 5000 texts a month?  Unlikely!

The phone was supposed to arrive on Monday last week (20th December) but it was held in a warehouse due to the weather.  This morning I received a text message from my provider saying that it would be delivered today - between 08:00 and 18:00.  Nice of them to give me a narrow time slot so that I don't have to sit home all day waiting. I have things to do, parcels to post, food to buy.  So, while I'd normally be content enough to sit home and make jewellery to pass the time, I'm getting a tad twitchy.

I've even been into the iTunes store and 'bought' some free apps. I'm ready and raring to go.  Just as soon as my phone arrives.  Can anyone suggest any useful (and preferably free) apps for download when it finally arrives?  Is there anything useful for jewellery making out there?  Or is that too much to hope for?

I would love to say that I've been busy over the last couple of weeks making lots of jewellery in between the festive celebrations but I haven't.  I really have no idea what I've been doing.  I did make a bracelet, earrings and a bag charm for my niece's Christmas but no photos as I didn't have time before I posted them.  I did cut things a bit fine timewise.

I also managed to make my first set of wine glass charms:

One of my friends bought me a lovely spotty wine glass and charm for my birthday a couple of weeks ago so I thought I'd have a go at making some myself.  My daughter (Missbaah) and son-in-law (hereafter known as The SIL) came over to my house for Christmas dinner and I know what The Boy can be like when he's had a couple of glasses of wine and mislays his glass.  Any glass sitting unattended is fair game.  So I thought wine glass charms might solve the problem of misappropriated wine.

I can't say they went down too well with the menfolk.  The Boy was miffed that Missbaah was allocated the fairy while he got the dragonfly.  I was later informed that this was because the fairy is apparently quite a well endowed young lady.  The SIL thought they were all a bit girly.  I had to point out that I made his totally non-gender by giving him a swirl and neutral coloured beads.  :o)  They also complained that the charms were annoying as they tend to slip up & down the stem of the glass and make noises.  You just can't please some folk!  I've now been tasked with making non-annoying wine glass charms so I'll have to get my creative head on.  I'm thinking of macrame possibilities at the moment.  Any non-annoying creations will be posted here once they've been vetted by The Boy and The SIL and may even be offered for sale. :o)

And finally, thank you to Missbaah for cooking Christmas dinner in my kitchen.  She got some stick from the menfolk for taking longer than anticipated but I think she did a sterling job.


  1. Yes. Yes I did. Further to that, James also apologised for mocking me so hard :D

  2. Isn't it strange that the only people who complain about the lateness of Christmas Lunch are normally the people who would not have a clue where to start...
    Well done to your daughter.
    How is the iPhone!

  3. The iPhone is fab. Not had much of a chance to play with it yet so still getting used to it.