Saturday, 9 October 2010

How hard is it to take your own photo?

I will admit I'm not at my best today. My cousin Geri had her pre-opening do for friends and family at her shiny new Curves gym in Broxburn last night and the alcohol was flowing at a speed that has left me feeling slightly less than bright today even though I must have eaten half of the lavish buffet all by myself. The official, presumably alcohol-free, opening is on Monday.

I've tried to have a gentle day today. Unfortunately, The Boy went off into Edinburgh this morning to have a day out with the other boys and his parting request was for me to return wonky a Guitar Hero guitar that he ordered from the Game website to the Game store in Livingston and see if I could get a replacement. Stupidly (probably because I killed too many brain cells with Jack Daniels last night) I said yes.

WHAT WAS I THINKING ABOUT???? I avoid Livingston shopping centre like the plague, especially on a Saturday and even more especially when people are starting to get excited about Chrstmas shopping, like now.

At my third attempt I managed to find a car park with a space. It was probably the furthest car park from Game but it was still (just) in Livingston. My unhappy feet trudged through one and a half phases of shopping centre to find Game and then stood in an almighty queue. On finally managing to speak to an assistant to explain the reason for my visit I discovered the receipt had escaped somewhere between the car park and the shop. I was devasted. The shop assistant very kindly gave me the customer services phone number so that I could request proof of purchase and I headed back out the door, eyes to the ground, hoping to spy the receipt. It was right outside the door! Result! Did a little dance. YAY!

So, to cut a long story short, I got the guitar changed and then fled back to the car park and home. And I've been trying to take it easy since then. I have a few clothes that don't fit me any longer so I spent a couple of hours listing them on eBay, along with a couple of pairs of trousers that The Boy hasn't been able to squeeze into for a while. My body has been craving sweet stuff so dinner was a Snickers bar followed by a tiramisu. After that I felt fit enough to start thinking about making some jewellery. I made an illusion necklace for myself a while back and have been meaning to make matching earrings. I finally did it this evening and tried to take photos of myself wearing necklace and earrings to post on here. Here is the only photo that shows both, doesn't show the camera and also doesn't make me look like a complete retard. :o)

Did I do good?  Please say yes, I couldn't cope with starting over.


  1. yes, you did good. I have a similar problem photographing knitwear, often resort to doing it in the bathroom mirror!
    joy xx
    plus I had a similar complaint to you, too much alcohol on friday evening!

  2. Mine was taken in the bathroom mirror as well as it's the only place in the house with decent lights but they only light up one side of me. :o)

  3. LOL its never easy taking pics of yourself! Lynn