Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I think my eyes are going to shrivel up and fall out

Ok, this is a short one tonight.  The reason is my eyes are worn out.  It seems like everything I want to do these days requires me to use my laptop to do internet based things or to read books, or do both at the same time.

I suppose a lot of it is my own fault.  I refuse to write an actual letter and post it unless there is absolutely no alternative.  I do all my correspondence by e-mail or internet.  I have been selling on eBay clothes that don't fit any more and gadgets that have been sitting all sad and lonely and unwanted so, obviously they have to be physically packed and posted but all of the activities leading to the packing and posting involves my laptop and the internet: taking photos, uploading them to my laptop, editing them, creating an eBay listing, writing all the blurb, printing a packing slip, printing a postage label, leaving feedback for buyers, not forgetting paying my eBay fees..... and it all takes time.

I spend the first wee while after I get out of bed drinking coffee while I catch up with e-mail, FaceBook, forums, check my internet banking, read the latest Dilbert comic strip, etc. and attempt to wake up.  During the day if I want to look up any kind of information, like train times, product information, weather, maps, anything, I Google it.

As many of you know, I have my own website which is very basic at the moment and I'd like to learn how to turn it into a well laid out, properly managed site.  Even in it's present form it requires maintenance, so more staring at computer screens.  Yesterday Amazon delivered a new book - PHP 6 and My SQL 5 by Larry Ullman.  This is the reason I have been reading and using my laptop simultaneously.  Someone recommended it to me as a good instructional book for learning web programming.  I've reached page 15 (it's a fast starter) so only 600 more pages to go.  So far the pattern has been -  read a couple of pages, type the commands I've learned into my laptop, test the code to make sure it works, debug it if it doesn't, go on to the next page in the book if it works OK and go round the loop again.

Then there's the scuba diving education.  Who said scuba was all about getting into the water?  To become PADI certified you have to complete the recommended learning and then do the knowledge reviews (tests) for each topic.  I was going to be a really good girl and start doing the studying and  knowledge reviews for my Advanced Open Water tonight but by the time I'd found all the knowledge review pages and photocopied them (so i don't have to rip pages out of my books) my eyes were protesting.  I think I will leave the actual reading and doing tests until tomorrow night.  I have to hand them in on Sunday, plenty of time, maybe....

I do actually enjoy reading books as relaxation but I think my eyes would just shut down altogether if I tried to do any recreational reading.  I have loads I want to do but my eyes are objecting.  I suppose I should listen.  Does anyone out there have a spare pair of eyeballs I could borrow?  Preferably ones that don't need glasses  for seeing with like my own ones do.


  1. yes, I know the feeling. sometimes have to force myself to leave the room or I could quite easily spend the whole day online and do no crafting at all! I make a point of switching my pc off after tea so the evenings are screen free (well not really, cos I knit in front of the TV, but programmes are so dire just lately its not always on!!).
    joy xx

  2. Oh yes...I have that feeling too. I've spent all day so far on this machine!! Mostly doing things I need to do....but, who introduced me to 'StumbleUpon'??!! Fascinating....

  3. I know what you are talking about, I have spent the whole day on the laptop today which isn't good!

  4. Oops, sorry abotu that! If you figure out how StumbleUpon works let me know will you?