Thursday, 28 October 2010

Look what I found...

Ok, so I should really be sitting, focussed, reading my Adventures in Diving tome and answering the Knowledge Review questions on Dry Suits, Underwater Navigation, Naturalist Diver, Deep Dives and Peak Performance Buoyancy before Saturday...... but I was directed to the Kidzeco shop in Bathgate yesterday so I thought I'd share.  I've seen the shop in the passing quite a few times over the last few months but assumed it was only a shop selling children's clothes.  As my 'kids' are now aged 25 and 23 (on Monday) I decided it held nothing to interest me and never actually went in to see what was on offer.

As you can see if you click on the website link, they are a non-profit making organisation that recycles children's clothes, furniture and associated bits and bobs.  As well as selling recycled items they also sell products that have been hand made by local artists, such as quilts, bags, bunting, jewellery and other gifts.  They run workshops for jewellery making, sewing etc and have plans to do much, much more.

I spent an hour or so yesterday talking to Tracy, who runs it all and she is a very friendly, intelligent, enthusiastic person who is determined to make it all work as a community project.  If you live in the West Lothian area you might want to pop in and have a look.  If you have a facebook account you will find the shop Fan page here:

KidzEco fan page

Go and take a look.


  1. Did you know Deborah's mum runs a sewing night there?

  2. It was Deborah's mum who pointed me in their direction in the first place.